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Why does DeepStream have a sponsorship program?

The young people of Buena Vista are the future of Guatemala. In a country where the previous generation has seldom reached the 6th grade, this group of young leaders has a vision for a different future and they know that it heavily depends on education. In almost every case, the obstacle of finances has stood in the way of fulfilled dreams and ultimately a changed village. The sponsorship program exists to break down this barrier and open new doors of opportunity for these students.

Is the program seeing results? Is it working?

It is currently in its 7th year. The sponsorship program is seeing great results. Many of our former graduates are now DeepStream staff members, helping to lead various areas of the ministry, while dozens of others have been able to secure professional positions in their area of study. Spiritually, the program allows ongoing mentoring and biblical guidance for every student who studies in the center. Weekly bible studies and devotionals are helping each of the students deepen their walk with Jesus and many have trusted with their lives and have followed Him in baptism.

How does a sponsorship work? What does the cost cover?

Sponsorship is a partnership between the sponsor, student, family and our center. Each of the 90 students will be personally connected with their sponsor throughout the year, exchanging photos and letters. Sponsors are encouraged to come visit. The cost of the sponsorship is all directed into the education of the student and offsets approximately 85% of the total. The student’s family agrees to the remaining costs. Items covered by sponsorship include monthly tuition, uniforms, school supplies, excursions, computer/internet fees and a portion is used to fund teacher salaries.

When is payment needed and how is money received and how long of a commitment do we have to make?

Once you are committed to sponsoring a student, the payment schedule is flexible. Some partners choose to pay monthly or quarterly, while others pay in one lump sum. In each case the first payment is due by January 15th and should be paid in full by October 15th. The majority of our sponsor/partners have chosen to walk with their student through the entirety of the education process. We do understand however, that situations change so we will check in at the end of each year and ask what your intent for the upcoming year will be.